Oh hi there, I see you have stumbled upon my website. Do you need help or are you just browsing?

As you can see its a bit of an amalgamation of houses I have styled and decorated and interior related obsessions which I hope showcases the best and brightest output from our small but perfectly formed interior design consultancy that has arisen from the ashes of….said obsession I guess.

We are a eclectic bunch here at Dessein Parke, big fans of throwing old and new, high end and sometimes low together to create something new and different and personal. If you are looking for beige or greyge you are sh*t out of luck as colour and texture  are our go to, as are using textiles and materials in unexpected ways to add interest, start conversations, and create home envy. (one of our key skills)

We can help you with anything interiors related but our firm favourites are…..

Breathing new life into old interiors, turning them on their head to create something beautiful, luxe and unique, renovations or refreshes we love it all

New builds, helping you to add the personal spark and pizazz you desire into your brand new space; from cladding to layout to finishings to materials to stuff you haven’t even thought about yet we are obsessed with it all!

Have a wander, check out the Portfolio and take in a blog post or two. Get in touch if you fancy a chat. Most of it is probably random babble, but you never know what you might find.